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  1. Matthew

    I never told you this, but a few days after you prayed about monitoring spirits, I believe it was a few days after while driving, I saw two or three birds dead on the road in my area. I remember thinking how strange it is for the birds to be dead on the street together. I also remember wondering what could have killed the birds at the same time. Then I remembered your prayer a few days prior. Thx.

  2. Ugo Ilodigwe

    Demons were just cast out of me through you as a vessel of Jesus Christ thanks. And more importantly, thank the LORD.

  3. Maddie Cohen - Healed to Serve GOD

    In 2008 my mother passed away from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis after suffering from this for since a young woman. For the last 10 years, I had begun to feel the onset of stiffness and aching in my knees. Because of stiffness I fell a couple of times and once broke my bones in my feet that had also began to ache. As a follower of Periscope, I ran across a young man who was praying and not just praying but also teaching with authority. During the scope, he was led to pray for healings to take place. I got on board because No doubt I perceived that Prophet UGO is strongly anointed. He instructed everyone who was having pain to began to move parts of our body that had been hurting… I obeyed the prophet as he continued to declare healing for everyone on the scope. It must have been the next day before I realized I was no longer stiff and I had not taken pain relievers. mmmm? Well, when Prophet Ugo came on periscope the next evening, I had to let him know of my healing but said I would wait to see if it returned just in case. Prophet Ugo will always ask us to verify our healing but the truth remains that God canceled arthritis in my body and the aches have not returned and my joints feel stronger. The doctor says that I have indeed gained muscle and he asked if I had been exercising… well no LOL. I can wear high heel shoes again without pain. The power of God worked through the anointing on Prophet UGO for my healing. I am grateful! Thank you the prophet. I will continue to support your ministry because it demonstrates what GOD can do if we believe! I’m glad I can kneel at the altar now and get up easy. I PRAISE GOD FOR JESUS AND I keep Prophet Ugo in my prayers that GOD will richly bless and keep him to do greater works for the Kingdom “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazarreth, Son of the Living GOD!” So says it like the prophet… AMEN

  4. Trina

    I asked you to pray for my sister; her name is Andrea. I had a first ask another Prophet to pray for her . He said something about a spirit of infirmity. And he prayed. Then I came on your periscope and asked you to pray for her. You asked me her name, and was she with me. I said no. I told you her name is Andrea and you prayed for her. She had been in so much pain that she was in tears. The next day I talked to her and she was healed. Glory to God.!!!)

  5. Margret Nabukenya

    Firstly I want to thank God for leading me to your ministry. Through your ministry,I have learnt a lot concerning the word. I have gained revelation on certain topics I have read on in the past. I love your teaching and I pray to continue to grow in your ministry. May the good Lord Jesus Christ Continue to bless you. Your such an inspiration to me and many more.

  6. Miranda

    Prophet Ugo is a true man of God. His ability to teach the word of God is impeccable. Everything this man does is Holy Spirit led and he acknowledges that in everything that he does. His boldness in Christ is contagious. With every deliverance session that he administers on periscope/YouTube, I have always been delivered. Prophet Ugo imparts wisdom with every teaching and it makes me want to seek God on my own and have my own relationship. His monthly 3 day fasts have been profound in my life. My spiritual man has grown tremendously and now I am able to impart to the next generation. Fear, is one of the many things that I have been delivered from by watching his videos. May God continue to bless you Prophet Ugo you are a true disciple of the Most High.

  7. Kora Delozier

    Prophet Ugo, I am so estatic I can not even go to sleep until I send this out. So tonight you prayed for healing on your scope, and God touched me. Not just today but previously as well, since you
    Prophesied over me for the first time, about a month ago.
    So I have been dealing with this hip pain for about 2 weeks now, and even have an appointment scheduled in order for my doctor to put in an order for MRI. I am only 40 years old,
    But have learned awhile back that I was double jointed. My joints literally have their own minds, otherwise I am perfectly healthy. Well my left hip has been unsung painful, piping in and out, and even my skin was sensitive to the touch and heat and everything you can think of on that left side of my body from the hip down to my thigh and leg, with numbness, locking, and piping. So you prayed tonight, and before you even asked us to move the areas that we couldn’t before, being that I have been following for years, I just jumped up and began to move, and do exercises I haven’t been able to do. Then VOILA, the pain totally left me. I purposely went to the bathroom, came back to bed, then upstairs to the kitchen, and oh Glory to God, for the first time in 2 weeks, I felt no pain.
    Secondly, I was diagnosed with PTSD because I have been part of the war in my Country Ivory Coast, and have had nightmares for years, terrors at night, torments and such, but since your prophecy over me, I have not only broken out of my timidness, shyness, but will even be leading prayer during my church 24 hours shut in fasting and prayer at the church. But beautifully, I have woken up each night after having a nightmare, and just shook my head and smirked at the enemy, saying: you have nothing on me any more, your grip over me is crippled by the blood of Jesus Christ and I am free. Even with the nightmares still going, I love ale up every morning happy, joyful and ready to take on the world for Jesus.
    I give all the Glory to the father for using you as an instrument to bring me out of bondage, into edification and change. My fire for the Lord is burning ever brightly. I know this is the season where he is working within me first in order to use me and work though me to help build his kingdom. I love this love relationship I am in with the father. And Jesus, I am simply IN LOVE with Jesus!
    Thank you so much for your obedience to our father and for blessing people such as myself.
    Love! Kora

  8. Michael Anthony

    Recently I asked forgiveness and I received a text from my mother and then we talked for hours like we never done that before thank you Prophet

  9. VRD

    Greetings Prophet Ugo, I want to share of the grace and healing power of the Lord. While listening to you preach/teach/pray Wednesday night 01/03/18. You instructed those who needed healing to lay our hands on the area of our body that needs healing. I placed my hand on my lower back, the pain and stiffness is gone! To God be the Glory! Healing is definitely my portion and I am assured that Jesus Christ of Nazareth will continue to heal my body of every infirmity. Thank You for your obedience to Christ.

  10. Michael Anthony

    Just a few minutes I received a deliverance prayer and I’m set free from all toxic soul tying generational curses I began feeling weak and then the demon spoke through me and then I started throwing up and began crying and throwing up more and crying more then I started yawning and it constantly kept happening… I was scared but that fear turned into courage the devil had been defeated… I am a child of GOD no can tell me differently HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH I HAVE BEEN SET FREE I’VE BEEN REDEEMED THANK YOU JESUS MINISTER KEITH AND KIMBERLY AND PROPHET UGO
    From the bottom of my heart it was a process and still is a process change is coming my way sooner than I know Hallelujah I declare and decree prosperity over my life…

  11. Crystal_savoy yahoo or

    I thank God for the ministry, I was sitting on my couch listening to you, deliverance video and saying it every word, it was a replay too. I did not feel like I had a issue but say it just in case… I started feel sick I kept saying come out get out of me and I ran to bathroom empty my stomach I keep saying it. I felt so much better. And I never bring up food.

  12. Odane Lynch

    Hello God’s faithful messenger Ugo Ezeji thank you for what you are doing in Jesus name and helping people get set free. I went on that 3 day fast however i did it a little bit different from Wednesday to Friday i went without eating nothing at all except drinking alot of water and the awesome thing about my fast was that i could feel that the Lord was with me even though i still got tempted and tried but Jesus always reminded me that he was with me so i wasn’t really hungry i had moments where i wanted to eat especially when i was around good smelling foods..lol but God helped me through it and i thank him for that,Believe or not at the end of my fast i still felt like i could go on for couple more day’s.. So that’s my 3 day fast testimony God showed me so muched in this short period of time and has inspired me so much as well and corrected me alot too..lol cause i really was saying sorry and forgive me alot and i also wrote alot in this period and afterwards im still writing i even started writing a daily journal. Thank you all for sharing your testimonials love you all my brother’s and sister’s and God Bless.😇

  13. Kim


  14. Elizabeth

    Praise be to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.I thank God to have come across your ministry, and also to all that I have learned under your teaching.

    I have been under your ministry and teaching for a month now, and after joining last month prayer and fasting, sweet Lord Jesus delivered me from a horrible, horrible fear that used to creep inside me. I am free today and I can testify of the Lord’s goodness.

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