“You can only truly know who you are and what is inside of you when you know who Christ is”.
– Prophet Ugo Ezeji

Prophet Ugo

Prophet Ugo is called to restore order, divine principles, and help God’s children develop Christ-like character while operating in the full expression of the Holy Spirit.


On your last fast, God healed unbearable neck and back pain I had for over a month. When you were praying for healing the vertebrae popped and I immediately felt relief…I feel free, glory to God.

– Christina D.

Prophet Ugo, you had a session and I listened to it regarding the spirit of Jezebel. When you kept commanding I started laughing in a mockery. You rebuked the spirit! I fell down and started crying. I stood up again and this time I kinda roared and fell down. God bless you brother. I listen to you via periscope.
– Sheila T.

Hey Prophet Ugo, it’s John from Periscope. I woke up with terrible upper back pain from a demonic attack one day and it felt like someone had hit me in the back with a baseball bat. I went on your Periscope and you told us to anoint ourselves with olive oil and after you prayed for us, my back pain was completely gone and it hasn’t hurt ever since. Glory to the Most High God.

– John J.

On one of your live scopes, you prayed for my Grandma to get rid of the infection in her body. She is a Diabetic. After hearing your scope and laying hands upon her forehead, I noticed her left arm, which was swollen for weeks, went back normal. Since then she likes hearing your scopes. I would bring my speaker in order for her to hear clearly. May God bless you and your ministry in Jesus name. Amen.

– Carmen G.

Ugo Ezeji Ministries

Prophet Ugo Ezeji is the founder of Ugo Ezeji Ministries, which is covered by Resurrection Power Fellowship Ministry, currently located at [1284 Springfield Ave, Irvington, New Jersey]. Ugo Ezeji Ministries is a predominantly prophetic, deliverance, and teaching ministry. Prophet Ugo is called to restore order, divine principles, and help God’s children develop Christ-like character while operating in the full expression of the Holy Spirit. He loves to teach; laying down foundational truths which empower God’s children to stand firm in Jesus alone. He is approved of God by the gifts of healings and miracles, operating primarily in the ministry of deliverance. God has given him the grace to stir up, impart into, and raise an end-time army who will not fear the forces of darkness, and contend with spiritual wickedness as Elijah did on Mount Carmel.

Affiliated Organizations

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Nation Wide Prayer Network

The purpose of this ministry is to continue to unify Christian Prayer Warriors throughout the City so they then can be mobilized to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ such as feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and saving the lost.

Website: Nationwide Prayer

Resurrection Power Fellowship Ministry

Our goal at Resurrection Power Fellowship Ministry is to proclaim the power of the resurrection of Christ Jesus, to the glory of God!

Location: 1284 Springfield Ave, Irvington Nj,07205
Facebook: Facebook Page

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