Services: Menorship | Counseling

Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship Program runs for 4 weeks – 60 minutes each week for $360. Seats for this program are limited from 1-5 people monthly.

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Selected applicants will receive 1-2 phonecall(s) a week (depending on case), which will include; prayers (deliverance, healing, impartation), prophetic counseling/mentorship (purpose, vision, ministry, business), and fasting (if instructed by the Holy Spirit). Fill out the form below. Once you are accepted into the program via written confirmation from Prophet Ugo, you will be given the opportunity to pay for the program. Unfortunately only 10 applicants will be selected on a monthly basis! International applicants are also welcome to apply.


  1. To deal with people personally over the duration of 4 weeks, increasing success rates due to intimacy of sessions.
  2. Offer prophetic counseling in whatever areas students need insight, clarity, and direction.
  3. Address spiritual forces, mentalities, and limitations which may be hindering your progression in life.
  4. Release spiritual impartation as inspired by the Holy Spirit which will lead to the fulfillment of destiny.


  1. Initial phone-call before the start of program (interview session)
    • See whether applicants are qualified and capable of going though entire program.
    • Find out areas of concern/desire which students need attention.
    • Speak about start date, phoning schedule, and payment requirements.
  2. (1 -2) Phone-calls or video calls a week (Skype) a week.
    • Prayers (Deliverance, healing, impartation)
    • Prophetic Counseling/Mentorship (purpose, vision, ministry, business)
    • Fasting program (if instructed by the Holy Spirit)

Mentorship Application

Fill out the application below. If you are accepted, you will receive a written confirmation via email, where you will then be given the opportunity to make your payment.


All counseling sessions are available via phone call or Skype. Clients must be prepared with a list of questions/concerns, paper/pen to take notes, and the humility needed to learn.

General Counseling

General Counseling: $50 for 30 minutes –

Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling: $120 per hour –

This session is meant for those courting, engaged, or simply desiring answers to questions about what marriage entails. This is focused on helping one learn and develop the characteristics needed to sustain a heathy, godly, and peaceful marriage!

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling: $150 per hour –

This session is designed to help married couples work out any issues which have been a hindrance to their progression. It is centered on helping change mindsets, fears, and beliefs which usually cause disunity within a marriage.

Private Deliverance/Healing

Private Deliverance/Healing Session: Freewill offering, as led.

Due to a high demand, Prophet Ugo will be reaching out to people as led by the Holy Spirit. Make sure you write the full detail of what you struggle with and need deliverance from so that the Prophet can properly discern access the situation and decide whether to schedule an appointment with you or not!